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RIVERS OF NIHIL post the making of 'Where Owls Know My Name'

As we've stated before, this is easily one of the best metal albums of 2018, and this band has a huge future in front of them. Here's a making-of documentary that outlines the blood sweat and imagination they poured into an album that actually includes saxophones, for me, a metal first.

SNOW VILLAIN explodes onto the scene with EP1!

Suppressed, gloomy vibes coming right out of Harrisburg PA. This is like a Rage Against the Machine-Ish shoegaze/blues/rock/hip-hop mashup, it's pretty awesome. I am enjoying this as we speak. Welcome to the premiere for "EP 1"!

Band of the Day: Sleep - The Sciences

This came out yesterday on 4/20, we just didn't have time to evaluate until today. that being said, this album is amazing and fulfills all the promises that a Sleep album could possibly promise. Full listen inside.

Band of the Day: Drug Bust - Local Philly Area HC

Here's a Friday the 13th special - Old school influenced hardcore from Montco/Philly - in the vein of Gorilla Biscuits. This young band has a lot of potential and we will see how they progress! We are exclusively streaming the new single "Outside" today!

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