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Wear Your Wounds Played Saint Vitus

The solo project from Converge frontman Jacob Bannon is a fully realized band now, and they played a bunch of material from their upcoming record, Rust On The Gates Of Heaven.

Backtrack To Disband Later This Year, Final Tours Announced

New York hardcore band BACKTRACK are calling it a day. After eleven years as a band, having toured most of the planet several times over with countless bands, and having released a long line of releases through a plethora of notable labels, the band members have decided to go their separate ways on good terms.

Getting It Out Podcast Interviews Matthew Green of Fixation

Philadelphia's FIXATION just dropped a new record called "Into The Pain" on WAR Records. Matthew Green handles vocals for the band and came on the podcast to talk about the band, record, and growing up into hardcore punk. Check it out here on Stereokiller or download wherever you get your podcasts!

Getting It Out Podcast Interviews Alex Estrada of Silver Snakes

t's the first Friday episode of GETTING IT OUT PODCAST! That doesn't really matter, but it's true and from now on each episode will drop on Friday. Anyway, Alex Estrada of SILVER SNAKES drops by on this one. They talked about the band and their new album "Death and the Moon" as well as his personal and family history in music. Check it out right here on Stereokiller, or download it wherever you get your podcasts!

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