Awake For Everything is the debut album from Hesitation Wounds, a hardcore supergroup of sorts started by Jeremy Bolm of Touché Amoré on vocals. An idea to gather friends from various bands to write as much material as they could in a day resulted in the 2012 self titled 7". Bolm recruited Jay Weinberg of Slipknot for drums, Neeraj Kane of The Hope Conspiracy on guitar, and Stephen Lacour of True Cross on bass. While remaining mainly inactive for the past couple of years due to the success of their main projects, Hesitation Wounds comes out swinging on their full length debut.

Opener "Operatic" begins with a lone, distorted riff before picking up steam at the 20 second mark. Weinberg's hard hitting drumming is a personal highlight for me throughout the record. Bolm's scream is much more aggressive when compared to his delivery on Touché Amoré material, which makes this album hit harder. "Bleach" is a fast and furious track for the first half before breaking down into a d-beat-esque riff that drives the track into a mid tempo rager for the remaining minute.

While the member's main project's focus on metal and post hard-core structure, the songs that comprise Awake For Everything are definitively short hardcore songs. The longest track, album closer "Streamlined", clocks in at 3:56 but never lets up from it's marching, mid tempo assault. The albums shortest track, "All We Know" bursts out of the gate with an alternating assault of blast beats and circle pit inducing riffage, all while Bolm screams his face off.

The sound of Hesitation Wounds manages to have it's own identity, rather than a sound like a sum of parts from the member's main projects. If I had to provide a generalization for the band's sound, I would say it was a much more aggressive combination of Touché Amoré and The Hope Conspiracy. Don't take that description to heart though, this record is a fun listen for the entirety of it's 27 minutes.

Awake For Everything will be released on May 27th on 6131 Records. You can stream the album opener, "Operatic" below: